Logan ★★★★

LOGAN is the Wolverine film we have all been waiting for. It’s brutal, intense yet personal and emotional.

LOGAN makes for more of an intimate, relationship drama than a traditional superhero flick, with it focusing more on their emotional and physical journey than the obscenely-high stakes we have come to expect in the X-Men universe. This time the stakes are smaller, but more grounded and personal, which is why the gritty, realistic tone fits so perfectly. And when the film reaches its climax, it does so in a way that is emotionally satisfying and appropriate.

Whilst Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart may be stars of the past, it looks like Dafne Keen who plays X-23 could be the future, as she completely steals the movie. She gives a terrific physical performance and I completely bought her in the role, despite her youth and small stature. At times, I found her to be terrifying, in the best way possible.

As we all expected, LOGAN takes full advantage of its R/15 rating. The action is violent, gory and at times it made me wince with the sheer brutality of it all. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t lapping it up.

In terms of negatives, I had very few with LOGAN. However, I did feel that the pacing was off at times, particularly during the 2nd act. There are a few scenes I felt could have been removed to keep the pace going.

Other than that, I had few complaints with LOGAN. It’s a great send off for Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, with LOGAN easily being the best Wolverine film and one of the best films under the X-Men belt. I’ll miss you Hugh Jackman.

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