Mirror ★★★★★

a traversal through memory, place, dreams, feeling, history, time. the brief recollections of moments that make up a life. the heavy transience of reflective temporalities. who are we? what will we remember? the self inquisitiveness of the russian poet beautifully realised in film. i wish i had the words to explain how much this moved me. mirror made me aware, deep in my chest, of the fact that i am alive, that this dreamscape, this reflection on life is all of ours, is so much of what makes me do the things i do, what drives me, what makes me freeze, what fills me with horror. what emotions will i feel again, what will i remember, what will my life be to me when i look back and reflect. how much of it will i be able to see in the end? which parts of my life are under my control really? i’m finishing this film with my heart racing, tears drying on my face, floating inside of my room. this encounter unsettled me & this is what film is all about.

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