Spencer ★★★★★

5th theatrical viewing..

All rumours of my disintegration confirmed.

Larraín's directing in this is just next level. Vice grip, almost every scene an orchestrated vice grip on all levels. Kristen Stewart is so larger than life in this film it takes a while to properly notice anyone else, perfect blend of movie star presence and thespian grit. Almost every shot of her combines in this intoxicating bubbling cauldron that could blow up any minute.

When the press attack Diana with cameras being the hyenas they are on Christmas Day, the way Larraín has amped up the music, the organs, fucking sinister use of sound, almost like a funeral or a foreshadowing truth to the reality of what we're already aware of. Masterful emotive filmmaking. And Diana's eyes, the multitude of emotions on her face after seeing Camilla, just wow.

Haven't seen Jack Farthing in anything else but man did he play Charles like an absolute prick. When Diana asks "How do I look" in the most vulnerable manner and he gives her that whole spiel of "chickens laying eggs, bees making honey, etc. So that you can have breakfast. Dont go throw it all up before reaching Church".. I wanted to punch him so bad lol. Which means he did a fucking amazing job.

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But with you they do not laugh. They are gentle with you, and they're kind, and they are worried. They want you to survive as the person you were when you first came here ten years ago.

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