Spencer ★★★★★

4th theatrical viewing.

And with that SPENCER joins the club of movies I've seen 4 times in the cinemas, which include The Dark Knight Rises, Deathly Hallows Part 2 and Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them.

I've said all I want to say in my earlier review here. These are just more fleeting thoughts..

First of all, I just hope that these people who say things like this is Kristen's career best performance have seen films like Personal Shopper, Clouds of Sils Maria, Certain Women, Speak and Camp X-Ray to name a few. Because those performances are just a whisker behind and not too far in my opinion.

And if you haven't then what are you even talking about. I've seen people use words like surprised, impressed, shocked and honestly I find it amusing as well as depressing that how can you be surprised if you haven't even seen her best work before this. Like how does that make sense. It comes off as so condescending.

She's been acting since the age of 9 and has been giving extraordinary performances ever since. So no way am I surprised. It's what I expect from her, because I've seen most of her work. She's always been fantastic. And some of those films I mentioned above are fucking masterpieces in their own right. The only reason you're watching SPENCER now is because it has Oscar buzz. It's funny how the world works. We so easily lap up men with mediocre talent and praise them to the moon and call them the next big thing, but a woman who's actually been great for ages is underrated so much. The bias and misogyny is so obvious.

Anyway, back to the film. I've pretty much said everything in my earlier reviews. It's a fucking phenomenal film, on every level. It's one of the most well crafted films in recent years, a masterpiece through and through.

Every scene has you by the neck, every shot gorgeous, the music fades in and out exactly when it's supposed to. I hope you guys got to see that shot under the moonlight on a theater screen, when Diana glides across the fog towards the fences. So exquisitely gothic, and poetic!

The symbolism, the metaphors, the metaphors within the metaphors, Spencer has it all. The dead pheasants, Anne Boleyn, the headless mannequin where Diana hangs her family jacket, the scarecrow at the end wearing one of Diana's designated dresses, the soup with pearls, the most gorgeous blue bathroom, but beauty is useless. One can go on and on with how many things come full circle in just the perfect manner. A miracle indeed. Not just any by the numbers cookie-cutter biopic, but a haunting ghost story crafted as a slow-burn thriller. I live for stuff like this. This is why I love movies, this is what I call Cinema!

Kristen Stewart's line delivery of "Isn't it terrible!" to Chef Darren's "Are you leaving us ma'am?" at the end is one of my absolute favourites - Just pay attention to that, it's such a small moment but her delivery and the way she says it smilingly with quick wit yet unbridled innocence is alone worthy of all the accolades. And the film is saturated with many such nuanced moments.

Truly a performance for the ages, by one of the greatest actors of my generation, Kristen fucking Stewart.

The Chef has made soufflé d'abricot. Its just for me. It's not for them, it's for me!

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