Fear Street: 1666

Fear Street: 1666 ★★★½

And so the Fear Street trilogy comes to an end.

Personally, I thought this one was the weakest of the three. After a thrilling Part 2 that really escalated things in terms of how intense and brutal it was, I was expecting Part 3 to continue on that road but instead I found it a lot less spine-chilling.

The 1666 part of the film was interesting, getting to see the origins of the evil behind Shadyside's horror. I appreciate them attempting to subvert expectations, but in the end I actually found the twist quite predictable and honestly disappointing. Also, while on paper using the same cast in the 17th century setting sounds good — particularly for those playing their ancestors — I would have preferred to have the actual Sarah Fier actress instead of Deena's.

The 1994 Part 2 segment takes us back to the campy fun of the first film and wraps everything up. I liked the addition of the Mall guy to the gang and I liked their plan to deal with things.

Overall, while I still enjoyed part 3, I guess I expected more from it.

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