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  • 8 Million Ways to Die

    8 Million Ways to Die


    There has been a lot of hate through the years thrown at this movie and you can see its convoluted production permeates the screen at some points with rather disjointed editing work. But the direction of the great Hal Ashby is thrilling and sexy and Jeff Bridges radiates from the screen, making it impossible to take your eyes off him. Also, Andy Garcia is an explosive villain and the film noir vibe, with all the flawed characters, is spot-on. Worth a revisit.
    2021: 257/801

  • Pollyanna



    This is the first Hayley Mills’ Disney movie, shot one year before the much better The Parent Trap by the same writer-director. This one hasn’t aged as well, and even when it’s gorgeous to look at (thanks to the Technicolor cinematography of Russell Harlan), is slow moving and it would have benefited from a good editing job to get rid of at least 30 minutes of film (that was the desire of David Swift, but Disney himself opposed). It’s a…

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  • Of Unknown Origin

    Of Unknown Origin


    This movie was a great surprise. It had flown under my radar in the 80s video store years (even when I remember seeing the cover) and it shouldn’t have, because it’s one of the most effective monster movies of the decade. Stephen King loves this movie and you can easily see why: it looks like one of his stories of a human being against the relentless and scary power of wild nature (think Cujo with a rat, a very big…

  • Doctor X

    Doctor X


    This amazing pre-Code mystery/horror film shows once more the incredible innate talent of Michael Curtiz as a storyteller and his versatility to leave his mark on any genre. This is the first of two horror films that he shot for Warner Bros in the early and now defunct 2-color Technicolor process (the other one being Mystery of the Wax Museum) and the mesmerizing and dreamlike quality of the visuals gives it a lot of appeal. But also, the pre-Code subjects…