Carol ★★★★★

"No! Fred! Will you let me speak? Because if you don’t I will not be able to- to cope. Now I’m no martyr, I have no clue what is best for me. But I do know, and I feel it in my bones what is best for my daughter. Now I want visits with her, Harge! I don’t care if they’re supervised, I just want them to be regular. Now there was a time when I would’ve done almost anything. I would’ve locked myself away to keep Rindy with me; what use am I to her- to us, if I’m going against my own grain? So that’s the deal. I won’t, I cannot negotiate anymore. You take it or leave it. But if you leave it, we go to court. And if we go to court, it’ll get ugly. And we’re not ugly people, Harge"

Just fucking kill me now.

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