Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★½

Fantastic Mr Fox is one of my favourite films from Wes Anderson, and it might actually be number one. I’ll have that worked out for definite once I finish going through his entire filmography which I’m doing at the moment, but I can safely say that it will right near the top.

This was a very different type of film for Anderson, but he tackled it so well. I love the animation, and the stop-motion design works incredibly well for the array of characters that populate the narrative.

Speaking of which, they were all interesting to watch, with different personalities and the voice acting was incredible. Seriously, this is some of my favourite voice acting ever in an animated film. It was just that good.

The narrative wasn’t entirely compelling all the way throughout, but it was most of the time and I really enjoyed the adventure that the characters went on.

Fantastic Mr Fox is a well-written, witty, enjoyable adventure film with likeable characters and villains that I loved to hate. It did feel a little too long which wasn’t great considering that it’s only about 80 minutes without credits, but I don’t have many other complaints other than the narrative dipping in quality at certain points.

If you have children, they will probably love this film, but I’m sure parents will also have a tremendous time with it. There’s charm, wit, and a lot to love about Fantastic Mr Fox. I would definitely recommend it.

Score: 87%

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