Avatar ★★★

Watched with my son and my uncle.

My son's initiative — he's seen it with his late grandfather, but we had never seen it together. Of course, I've never seen it at all, because I never wanted to, because I'm a snob. I still want to condemn it to irrelevance for its various sins (unforgivable whiteness, wasting Michelle Rodiguez, terrible dialogue). But the fact is, Cameron (with strong assistance from Zoe Saldana and 3,000 FX technicians) got me. I was, to my own disbelief, moved by the scene where the tree was shot down. One minute, I was resenting the shameless manipulation, the next, I was fully manipulated: the Na'vi were fully real to me, and their anguish was painful to behold. And the scene where Neytiri sees Jake as he "really" is and immediately knows him... yeah, I was moved.

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