Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ★★★★

I....actually might prefer this to the first film (which I rewatched last night, and while good, it wasn't as good as the first time on the big screen. Interesting to see if this one actually does end up holding up - it just might). Here's the thing - the story thankfully takes a break from the usual formula by...taking a complete backseat to everything else - firstly the characters (this is a character piece through and through), secondly the emotions (both the laugh out loud and the more sad bits - surprised how much of the latter this nails also), and thirdly the visuals - there are so so many fantastically done bits of visual comedy and it just looks all gorgeous (was great in 2D, can't imagine how it is in IMAX 3D). The first is a more well-rounded film for sure, but Vol. 2 emphasises almost too much to the character side of things and completely sidelines the plot - the characters and the relationships built between them almost become the story, and the cast really made it work. Pratt and co are awesome, Mantis was cool, Debicki was deliciously hammy, but man Kurt Russell was (need to be careful because spoilers) certainly very compelling, fixing one of the repeated MCU flaws as a result, and Rooker was MVP. The world-building is also very well done, especially with the Ravagers....Sly was an awesome part of that. Other things, the 5 credits scenes are fun, just don't expect anything more really, in classic GOTG fashion. First end credits roll that's not just that same font on black text - loads of easter eggs. Cool soundtrack and awesome use of Fleetwood Mac. And like with the first film, see it with a big crowd.

Solid 8/10 and actually safe to say - best Phase 3 film so far.

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