Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★

Yeah I know I haven’t watched streetcar yet but Tj wanted to watch this with me and my schedule worked out better to do it this way. So this movie! It’s really easy to compare this to isle of dogs - the other Wes Anderson stop motion film. This film is 9 years older than IOD but you can’t really tell - the both look very similar which is very cool. This movie is definitely funnier than isle of dogs. Yeah, me fox is not a very good dad, but he’s better than peter griffin or Homer Simpson. And he does learn his lesson in the end. 
I’m not as crazy about the people in the camera being right in front of you like on isle of dogs but they don’t do it enough to be too distracting. I love that they curse just be saying cuss that way it’s still a PG a rating. This movie is Definitely entertaining from beginning to end. There’s not much boring about. And the film is perfectly balanced between the dad and his son. The villians are fun too. It’s a great stop motion adventure. S