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    A new restoration from the Mary Pickford Foundation is completely different from what we've seen before.
    New intertitles and extended scenes give new depth and meaning to the story of Dora (Mary Pickford) and her two suitors.
    The inclusion of Lionel Barrymore's character 'Grizzley Fallon' giving Dora a picture of himself to replace that of 'Dandy Jack' (Henry B. Walthall) adds more context. Also, when Jack concedes defeat (when he sees Fallon's picture) and then pretends he's been slapped by…

  • Port of Call

    Port of Call


    Really enjoyed Nine-Christine Jönsson's portrayal of Berit so much!
    As this was a Bergman film I was very nervous that she would not find the happiness she desperately sought. I literally had my fingers crossed that she would! The signs were there in the film that she had at last found someone who would care for her despite her horrendous past.
    Also, Ouch! You could really feel the impact from the plank of wood hitting poor Gösta's head! That must have really hurt!

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  • Filibus



    Milestone are going to release this film completely restored very soon and I can't wait. It's one of the most intriging and delightful films from the 1910's with a lovely female adventurer who happens to be a masked criminal mastermind!
    However, the big news is that, for years, the actual actress who plays Filibus has not been the woman everyone has supposed.
    It has been discovered by the people at Eye that Valeria Creti, and not Cristina Ruspoli, is the…

  • Exit Smiling

    Exit Smiling


    A wonderful comedy directed by Sam Taylor highlighting the personality and comic genius of Beatrice Lillie. Her portrayal of Violet, the drudge of a third rate acting company, is one of the funniest from the silent era. She made very few films afterwards and is best remembered for being a stage actress enjoying many decades of international acclaim. In this film she teams up with fellow Canadian Jack Pickford who wisely underplays his role of Jimmy Marsh letting Beatrice shine…