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This review may contain spoilers.

M3GAN, a movie that starts out a bit strange but gives you the full context of what follows after, the fact that the girl's aunt is a robotic engineer (I think that's what they say) is a complete success because this type of movie is terror about dolls is always because they buy it or see it in garage sales places, instead here we see how the aunt herself creates what will be the worst decision of her life.

It's something that I liked from the beginning because she knew what she was getting into, yet she wanted to move forward with the M3GAN project and experiment with her own niece. The use of Artificial Intelligence instead of witchcraft and crazy magic but something more real and current (and it's not that I don't believe in the rest, but it makes it more logical).

The obsession with carrying a product that doesn't matter what it does as long as it makes money, a policy many toy manufacturers follow today. The story itself does not give that feeling of watching a horror movie, it did have moments of tension like the scene with the boy running through the woods, the neighbor looking for her dog in the shed, but the dance scene is definitely not of terror until when M3GAN arrives at the elevator that he does feel terrified.

The ending makes it clear that it could have a sequel of course, and if it stays there it would be better not to give it unnecessary sequels. But who knows if I like the sequel to come?

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