Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ★★★★★

"Primitive sexual practices.
-So your an authority in that area?
-Years of field work."


Indiana Jones has always been as cool as it gets for me, a beloved character I always have a good time with. Out of the whole franchise I had the fewest memories of Temple of Doom. I'm very glad I revisited this. I think it's a super underrated film anyway you slice it. 80's blockbuster-perfect. Genre film: horror (that good good jungle horror)-just as dark and gripping as anything when it gets spooky. Genre film: action adventure-transcendent. Definitive. I haven't had that much fun on an adventure in ages, and there are loads of action scenes. Which actually, don't suck ass. They're well thought out/choreographed and comedic relief bits mixed in every one, no matter how dire the situation.

Wow this gets fucked up! I'm not surprised this was one of the films that made the PG13 rating come about. I kept waiting for the camera to move away or minimize something, it doesn't. Yeah, there are full-blown croc death rolls in here, child slavery, occult ceremonies, the worst actress ever (she's scary), human sacrifice, brain eating, heart ripping...all in a day's work for this badass archeologist.

Okay. Much as I love Sean Connery, Harrison Ford could have been a better Bond. Want proof? Watch the opening scene of Temple of Doom. The makings are right there. I wish there was a third bastard Bond film and it was Harrison in the 80's.

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