The Northman

The Northman ★★★★½

The Northman is easily the most visceral, immersive and accessible film made by the visionary powerhouse Robert Eggers, whom has a dwellings on the ancient and the weird.

Not for lack of trying, but The Northman juggles between studio control for its accessibility and Eggers’ fascination of his bizarre vision. Even though the old fashioned classic story might not always garner an upbeat pacing for its runtime, Eggers creates a world that is totally absorbing, with constant booming and out of this world soundscapes and the stone-cold Icelandic landscape that constantly soaks you in with Viking blood.

The Northman is also quite an entertaining feast of muscle, fantasy and romance. As it puts you front and center with the attractive leads Alexander Skarsdård and Anya Taylor-Joy (naked).

Eggers is really unapologetic with his vision on putting a cinematic show for the absurd and mystics. Although the box office might not be promising, studios should still make sure he gets to make the movies he wants. His command on the medium is simply mesmerizing. An auteur of the new generation.

Verdict: 88

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