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  • Lukka Chuppi

    Lukka Chuppi


    I could watch Sidhu, Raghu and Rafeek's drunken banter for hours, baaki okke padathil ollathrem thanne kandondirikkan budhimutt aan.

  • Thuramukham


    The first fight scene of Joju vs Sudev gave me hope (the way Maimu just stood there when he got whipped, goddamn). I was very surprised, thinking ingerkk ithra adipoli aayi fight shoot cheyyan ariyarnno?? Pakshe aa chintha verum thettidharana aarnnenn padam munnott poyappo manasilaayi. The action scenes kept getting progressively worse and more embarrassing to watch.

    The most annoying part of the movie is the unbelievable technical incompetency from the color grading, the editing, the sound, and even down…

Popular reviews

  • Hridayam



    A three-hour-long assortment of "relatable moments" and characters that are so shallow and genric, everyone watching it-for one scene or the other could point their finger at the screen like DiCaprio in OUATIH (because it's literally them)

    Intentional or not, Vineeth Sreenivasan took nostalgia bait filmmaking to a whole new dimension.

    Mild spoilers below.

    "Poi oombikko" enn parayunnath is one thing, Arun literally demonstrates it when somebody is getting in his face- and we're supposed to think it isn't corny.…

  • Thallumaala



    "അവന്മാർക്ക് ചെയ്ഞ്ച് വേണമത്രേ, ആ തെണ്ടികൾക്ക് നമുക്ക് ചെയ്ഞ്ച് കൊടുക്കാം!"