Favorite films

  • The Rose King
  • Words, Planets
  • The Games of Countess Dolingen
  • Babel - A Letter to My Friends Left Behind in Belgium

Recent activity

  • Serpents of the Pirate Moon

  • Babylon

  • The Inheritance or Fuckoffguysgoodday

  • Orchestra Rehearsal

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  • Let the Summer Never Come Again

    Let the Summer Never Come Again


    as much a film about its main protagonist as it’s a tbilisi-symphony: pixel-impressionism, honoring small everyday gestures, sleeping dogs, silent-film tropes, “fucking clows” and watermelons. <3

  • Mercuriales



    thematic as well as aesthetic drift through the outskirts of paris and beyond with a splash of "céline et julie". vernier's intriguing sensibility and taste are the film's strongest features: the 16mm looks wonderful and the soundtrack by my man james ferraro adds another interesting layer.