Enter the Void

Enter the Void ★★★

I would have loved to put more stars to this incredible, innovative, pioneering movie but I am really sad to say it left me a little disappointed. The first hour was one of the finest cinematic experience I ever had; it was mind-blowing, brilliant, aesthetically perfect, full of heavy but beautiful meanings and then… it takes a length it did not need to. If I had to consider only the first part of the movie, before it stops the shoulder/back shots from Oscar; I'd say it was one of the most mind-dazzling, splendid thing I ever saw.

I don't often judge a movie by its length, people saying 'yeah but it was too long' after watching a movie get on my nerves so hard…but this time I have to admit I got bored and waited for it to end after a while. On the other side, the last five minutes were as meaningful and wonderful as the part I admired from the movie.

So sad the excitement from the first hour or so transformed into an haste for it to end…

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