Spencer ★★★★½

Announcing itself as "a fable from a true tragedy," SPENCER is a total reassessment of its subject, reminiscent of Tarantino's Sharon Tate in that it aims to consider the complexities of how she lived rather than further excavate the details of her untimely death. As with JACKIE, Pablo Larraín never allows the viewer to forget that Diana knows she's being watched and scrutinized, and the film powerfully depicts her struggle to do right by herself and her children in the face of an institution that would much prefer she remain A Woman In Trouble. Kristen Stewart's performance is a stunner, naturalistic and expressive, unafraid to play simmering anguish right alongside moments of levity. Many have called this a horror film, and it's certainly both a ghost story and a haunted house movie. Bedeviled in the abstract by the specter of Anne Boleyn, the Princess screams defiantly, refusing to be summarized as another casualty of a callous patriarchy. The halls of Sandringham scream in solidarity with her.

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