• A Haunting in Venice

    A Haunting in Venice

    sorry I think this movie is awesome. just so epic.

  • After Hours

    After Hours


    I just cannot emphasize enough to what degree I’d absolutely get into this situation.

  • Babe: Pig in the City

    Babe: Pig in the City

    I won’t let everyone’s ironic takes about this movie win. this is insane. this must’ve scarred hundreds of children.

  • The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight


    sorry this movie is just sooooo cool. am I a Chris Nolan fanboy now? seeing this on the big screen genuinely made me giddy. I actually applauded when it ended and everything. 

    all the stuff to say about this movie has already been said. I just think Gary Oldman is sexy. the mustache really does it for me

  • Oppenheimer



    Going to be normal about this movie now 👍 

    I haven’t been giving Josh Hartnett enough credit but the scene where he and Oppenheimer are arguing about the latter’s communist leanings after Lawrence crashes the F.E.A.C.T. meeting is so excellent, they look like they’re both about to start weeping. Rami Malek, Alden Ehrenreich, and Matt Damon are all doing some career bests here. “Is it possible they didn’t talk about you at all. Is it possible they talked about something more important?” is just sooo killer.

  • Oppenheimer



    Jesus Christ. sorry to be insane but in iMAX 70mm this is just a completely different movie. Los Alamos is beautiful… the bomb is beautiful… even the dingy offices and labs lit by glaring fluorescents are beautiful. & Cillian Murphy. my god is Cillian Murphy beautiful!

    inexplicably hit by “is it big enough?” “to end the war?” “to end all war”. I have been committing a crime by not mentioning David Krumholtz in any of my previous reviews, he is doing…

  • Good Omens

    Good Omens


    it’s bad. but it’s good. but it’s so bad. but I would throw myself off of a bridge for 20 more episodes of Aziraphale and Crowley fucking around. but also it’s terrible. but also I need it like air.

  • Lady Bird

    Lady Bird

    Movies that make you go “Huh, it’s really good I didn’t watch this at age 17”!

  • Bottoms



    Ayo Edebiri is the actress of the year. Nay, of the generation. Nay, of the millennium.

  • Oldboy



    it’s so crazy that Park Chan-wook made the bizarrest and most carefully crafted film in 2003 and we all just have to cope with that.

  • Roman Holiday

    Roman Holiday

    This is crazy. Those guys really knew how to make movies.

  • Oppenheimer



    so fucking insane that Truman actually said that about Oppenheimer. 

    hits this time around: Oldman’s pronunciation of “Nagasaki”. Oppenheimer sitting oddly on one leg atop the desk in Lawrence’s office. the cut to Alden Ehrenreich’s little smile as Hill tears into Strauss. the 3-second clip of James D’arcy biting aggressively into an apple. RDJ’s “I’m denied. Yeah?”. additionally, RDJ’s shit-eating smile as he faces the press. Richard Feynman’s totally sick outfits. and of course, Cillian Murphy’s curly young-Oppie hair.