Woman on the Run ★★★★

"Should we dance?"
"Why don't you drop dead?"

Um, excuse me, but like... why is nobody talking about this gem? It's so good! It might have all the signs and symptoms of a Noir, but you quickly realize that there's so much more to it. Yes, there's a murder in the shadows of the night, but it's also got a quirky inspector (Robert Keith), a cute dog named Rembrandt, wisecrackin' like it's going out of style, and an atmospheric finale at an amusement park. Woman on the Run, lead by a terrific Ann Sheridan, got me anxious, made me laugh, and gave me a lot of feelings over the romance at its core, which is extraordinary because it's so ordinary. More than anything, this is a story about a married couple who have lost each other while living under the same roof, simply because they have stopped to really see each other, but luckily for them, being dragged into a murder case just so happens to help them realize what they've got. This gave the film an emotional depth that I sometimes miss in Noir.