Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★½

Sometimes you have fun films that are not well made. Sometimes you have very well made films that are just not fun. And in some rare instances you have films like Knives Out. Knives Out occupies a perfect middle ground between the two ends of the spectrum, which is what makes it such an impressive feat. If I had to describe Rian Johnson’s approach to filmmaking, I would use one word—balanced. And that balance is on full display here. Knives Out has a distinct visual flare without compromising on substance. It is campy but still has important things to say about class solidarity and today’s America. It is recognizably a mystery but also subverts some of the genres expectations to keep the audience on its toes. It also definitely doesn’t hurt that it has an all star ensemble cast that plays off of each other so beautifully.

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