Walking and Talking

Walking and Talking ★★★★

Deep in the trenches of Netflix Instant, I found Walking and Talking, a movie I last saw in the late '90s, liked a lot and couldn't remember a single moment of. But the synopsis intrigued me, since it sounds so much like Frances Ha, one of my favorite movies of the last several months.

Happily, Walking and Talking totally holds up. It's smart, funny and full of moments that feel painfully real. Kevin Corrigan as "the ugly guy" who works at the video store is spot-on. And if you, like me, have been nursing a weird obsession with all things 1990s, this is a must-watch. The clothes, Anne Hecht, the soundtrack (Frente!, Liz Phair, Joan Osborne), the fact that several key moments in the plot hinge on people leaving messages on answering machines -- it's all so wonderfully '90s.

And now I want to rewatch Lovely & Amazing.