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This review may contain spoilers.

I thoroughly enjoyed Top of the Lake, the newish Jane Campion miniseries, so I decided to finally watch In the Cut, which I had always heard very mixed things about.

My feelings are also mixed. I loved the feeling of menace throughout the film that is so strong, even innocent props become threatening. You never really trust anyone, but it doesn't feel contrived. And the final showdown between Frannie and the killer sparked some thoughts about the expectations and pressures of marriage, and learning to trust in a relationship. The partner was like the flip side of Malloy, proposing to these women before strangling and "disarticulating" them (taking them apart, but also silencing them, making them no longer articulate). It was only when that engagement-ring-toting strangler was gone that she could finally trust Malloy. It's a message about marriage and relationships that you don't often see in the movies.

On the other hand, I don't think these interesting elements that were all mixed into the stew ultimately came together into a cohesive whole. I appreciated it for what it attempted, but I can see how this is not a film for everyone.