Logan ★★★★★

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Before going into Logan, I avoided the hype train. The 2 trailers put out are some of the best ever and the buzz was claiming Logan was one of the best superhero movies ever. I came in apprehensively, and I was blown out of the water.

Logan is the best X-Men movie and easily one of the best superhero movies ever (likely in my top 5). Where do I start? Hugh Jackman is the Wolverine, no denying it. But in Logan? He is THE Wolverine. Jackman has always had less brutality to work with. However, in his swan song, the brutality of The Wolverine is explored, and it is glorious mayhem. Jackman gives his best performance here. Sir Patrick Stewart was another fantastic addition to the trio, and he gave an emotionally powered performance in his final outing as well. Dafne Keen as X-23 is one of the better child performances in recent memory as she gives a moving performance with few dialogue. This trio make up the emotional core of the movie, and it is amazing. Side performances of Stephen Merchant as Caliban, Dr.Rice and Pierce were all satisfying.

Director James Mangold finally got the script he wanted to deliver here, and it pays off well. The direction and pacing is what keeps the movie afloat and captivating at all times. The distinct 3 acts give Logan the Last Of Us feel with a journey approach, from discovery, to uncertainty, to destruction. The movie is slow, but fittingly so and it never drags. Logan is the perfect culmination of The Wolverine's 17 year journey, and there could be no better way than to end it here.



The reveal of X-24 was shocking. I was unsuspecting it, and the way the entire family died was brutal. I expected bad, I got worse. The ending was poetic in that Logan fought a soulless version of himself to do something good for another for once, a true sacrifice. The death of Logan was expected but heartbreaking, and the final shot was perfect. The movie is still growing on me. It is the best movie I've seen in a long time.

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