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This review may contain spoilers.

Alright, scattered thoughts time now.

-Naw cause how the FUCK did that cat survive more than a century
-The fact Andy didn't have a Sox toy means that he was cheated by the marketing, I won't stand for this
-Sox a real one, stayed by Buzz's side despite him being gone for 60-something years in 4 year intervals
-Never thought Pixar would steal a twist villain idea from Lego Movie 2 but here we are
-Honestly this is a such a 90s feeling movie and, as someone who wasn't alive in the 90s, I love it
-Imma try a meat-sandwich one day
-Micheal Giacchano we don't deserve you
-Bro this movie had a choir wtf
-There is a post-post credits scene that sets up a sequel, and if they make one I will have a birth of cactuses out of my asshole
-Such outrage was caused over the same-sex kiss scene, and I literally didn't even see it, had to look it up to figure out where it is

oh and it's a very shaky 7/10 btw

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