The Social Network

The Social Network ★★★★★

Wow!  The Social Network is one of the best drama's of the decade.

Another film that took me so long to get to, and I'm not sure as to why.  This cool, bleak, meticulously crafted drama, embodies everything I love from my favorite director.  

Aaron Sorkin's writing is a massive praise as well here, as it's the lifeblood of the film.  The dialogue is quick, there's some dry humor to it, it's dramatic, and most of all, realistic.  The character writing was also exceptional.  There aren't too many films that have you actively despising their central character and cheering for side characters, but this is exactly that, and it's just like Fincher. 

Cronenworth's cinematography was exceptional, as always.  I hope he continues to work with Fincher for the rest of their careers.  

One of my favorite aspect's of Gone Girl, was its score, and I share those same feelings for Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, here.  It's moody, hypnotic, and a little experimental.  Matches the tone of the film, perfectly.

Great performances from the entire cast.  Andrew Garfield steals the show.  Totally sympathetic towards his character and all the betrayal, anxiety, and sadness he endured.  Armie Hammer was fantastic, playing the Winklevoss twins and sharing entire scenes with himself.  Complete with distinguishable personalities as well.  Jesse Eisenberg also played the socially inept, bitter, arrogant Mark Zuckerberg to a T.

I'm already feeling up to a rewatch an hour later.  I still prefer Fincher's thrillers (Zodiac, Gone Girl) but this film sits very close to the top.  


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