Shazam! Fury of the Gods

Shazam! Fury of the Gods

So apparently Shazam dropped a sequel, and you know I completely forgot that it was actually happening. Like the marketing was on the same level as Strange World in term of their respective company realising they might have kind of a non fixable turd on their hands and they just wanted to cut their losses and bury it six feet under the ground. 

I mean if the current reviews are anything to go by, nobody is giving this anything above three stars. I've got no intention of seeing this, and reading the plot summary and I'm definitely not missing out on much of anything. But I do sympathise, it can't be easy being a part of a dead franchise that's just kinda there until Gunn starts to cook.

I don't think this would have made much of a difference if it had just been dumbed on HBO Max, because how it's looking especially with John Wick 4 coming out next weekend this movie is gonna bomb hard. 

But what do you lot think? :)

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