Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★

So I finally gave this movie another chance after spending 13 years of thinking it was absolute garbage, and I'm happy to admit I was wrong, it's actually very good. But it's not great or perfect.

I guess my biggest problem is that it just wasn't funny, I mean smirked at some of the jokes, and I liked that they had a load of F-bombs, but replaced fuck with cuss, but that was it. One of my favourite things about The Grand Budapest Hotel was its dry, but silly sense of humour, and it didn't work for me here and that's honestly a shame.

But apart from that, everything else is solid. The animation is really spectacular, it feels so unique and timeless and it's a wonder to watch. I feel like Wes Anderson goes out of his way to make his movies look as artistically pleasing as possible, which I admire a lot. When I was young, I thought it was quite ugly looking and kinda creepy, but clearly young me was a fool. Though Willem Dafoe's Rat's death was pretty disturbed, not gonna lie. 

And I like how this is Wes Anderson movie first and foremost and that he wrote the movie with people of all ages in mind. It's a nice middle finger to those who say "animation is just for kids" because this is exactly what you'd get in one of his live action movies. And I also like how it expands upon the original book in a way that surprisingly feels natural to the original story. 

So Wes Anderson has surprised me again with his vision and creativity. This movie is definitely better than I gave it credit for. I look forward to watching more of his filmography.

Anyway, thanks for reading. :)

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