Gremlins ★★★½

Film #1 for Scavenger Hunt 19 - October 2016
Task 3/31: A Saturn Award winner for Best Horror Film.

Film #7 of 31 for Hoop-Tober 3.0
7 films from franchises - (3/7)

It has been a very long while since my last viewing of Gremlins, and I was pleased with how well it held up. I was also genuinely impressed with the delicate balance of humor, scariness, camp, and family-friendly qualities. I find that most movies which attempt to span genres tend to lean more toward one than the other... and this is especially true of horror comedies... but not so with Gremlins. This was truly a blend of genres, and it had the additional complexity of also being a "family" film!

Speaking of family, this viewing was an introduction of Gremlins to my kids, ages 8, 6, and 3. Well, they LOVED it and are desperate to see Gremlins 2 now. Word of warning to parents, though, when Phoebe Cates tells the story of why she doesn't like Christmas, she says at the end, "...and that's how I learned that Santa Clause doesn't exist." Luckily my husband remembered it coming and distracted the kids with a loud noise while she was saying that. :-P

Anyway, it's a really fun film. :-)

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