• Witness for the Prosecution

    Witness for the Prosecution


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    i fear we were robbed of a sequel where robarts defends christine 💔

  • It's Complicated

    It's Complicated

    why did it seem like alex baldwin was doing his trump impression for most of this movie

  • Third Finger, Left Hand

    Third Finger, Left Hand


    happy heavenly birthday minnie loy!!! thank you for this masterpiece that has become an ultimate comfort film for me <3

  • The Last Picture Show

    The Last Picture Show

    this could honestly be set in any texas city, and i know this is true because i am, unfortunately, a texan

  • Watching the Detectives

    Watching the Detectives

    this movie was TEW cute!!! but cillian’s high cheekbones, full lips, and button nose were pissing me off 😐

  • Noises Off...

    Noises Off...

    i think this movie is perfectly cast, but i wish bogdanovich found a way to include madeline kahn.

    “income the new tax, outcome the old”

  • Anatomy of a Murder

    Anatomy of a Murder

    things i looked up while watching this movie: 
    - lee remick’s filmography
    - kathryn grant’s wikipedia page (found out she was married to bing crosby until his death, was born in my city, and went to the same uni as me!)
    - the phenomenon of hating the word “panties” and why this very phenomenon is always brought up in media
    - when the first use of “bitch” in a movie was
    - the plot
    - the score to see if it was available on spotify (bc duke ellington ATE!)

  • 12 Angry Men

    12 Angry Men

    12 bros… sitting in a jury deliberation room… a couple feet apart ‘cause they’re angry

  • Barbie


    yassss i love it when movies are seriously unserious!!! 🩷

  • Oppenheimer


    emily blunt’s supporting actress oscar campaign starts NOW

  • Rear Window

    Rear Window

    being delusional is a full time job!!!!!!!

  • Twentieth Century

    Twentieth Century

    big fan of the broadway musical adaptation so naturally i loved this <3