• Escape Room

    Escape Room


    I’ve seen so many clips of this film on YouTube and took a baby edible and thought this would be fun to watch and it was! Of course I wish they had pushed the art direction and puzzle-making much further but it was fine. The upside down pool room was actually kinda cool and I’m fascinated by how they filmed it. For a film that takes its concept from a very of-the-moment trend in real life, I thought this was…

  • Incantation



    I thought this was pretty scary… but the “curses” and “cursed relics (videos, boxes, etc.)” subgenre of horror always gets under my skin almost no matter what. it got me to avert my eyes every time the symbol appeared and close them throughout the whole tunnel video sequence so… something rly messy happening with like… these long ass foreign horror films… that pop up on Netflix… and the way they like cannot exist without a really corny and boring emotional…

  • Jaws



    Most annoying character in the history of film alerttttttttttt QUINT

  • Nights of Cabiria

    Nights of Cabiria


    Her life a movie for real

  • eXistenZ


    I just didn't like this. I just didn't. I thought it was incredibly ugly and incredibly boring. I can't stand Jude Law's face. He looks like clean spongebob. One of Cronenberg's cornier films. You really have the "we live in a society" thing going on here in the most annoying way possible. And the trope of like not knowing if you're still in the game or whatever is so tired and lame. The pacing is probably one of the most…

  • In the Cut

    In the Cut


    WOW. This was a huge surprise for me. Meg Ryan's performance is incredible and captivating I cannot BELIEVE it is not more revered and that she is not working today as much as her peers...

    This was fascinating to me. I was so immediately drawn into Campion's world and held there so effortlessly. I read some "real reviews" (sorry letterboxd critics) that seemed to not like the tonal/genre shifts this film employed, but I completely disagree and am honestly a…

  • Margot at the Wedding

    Margot at the Wedding


    I'd watch 5+ hours of this

  • Single White Female

    Single White Female



    I love an Enigma needle drop. This was good. Would love a 90's thriller revival.

  • Demonlover



    Bob on bob violence

  • All I Desire

    All I Desire


    "Maybe I never had a career. Maybe I never knew the man."

    Sent April packing with this one... and what a last watch of the month it was! So stunning and complicated. Throughout the film, Naomi's character becomes more and more entrenched in her past selves, all her mistakes, all her desires, and you get this sort of hopeless picture that perhaps she was not put on Earth to so easily feel complete, or satisfied. It's a bit heartbreaking. It…

  • The Hills Have Eyes

    The Hills Have Eyes


    Soooo much better than the original… sorry Mr. Wes Craven. The whole sequence of Doug running around the ghost town trying to find his baby is, I think, actually really really good and tense. I was shocked and thrilled to see him survive, baby in tow.

    There is def the mid-2000’s desert set, filtered lens, mean-spirited, french extremity vibe to this I guess, but I don’t think it’s necessarily a heartless film. Even when some characters are initially annoying, the…

  • Beau Is Afraid

    Beau Is Afraid