• Maleficent



    "The first act is so bad it's good. The second act is just terrible. The third act is pretty good but very undeserved. Overall this movie had me laughing out of anger. I can't imagine what they will do with the sequel."

    "if the king hates fairies and wants to destroy their kingdom then why is he ok with flora, fauna, and merryweather (which btw their names got changed for no reason) raising aurora??? there were so many plot holes in this movie that i couldn't enjoy it"
    - meghan

  • Gabe the Cupid Dog

    Gabe the Cupid Dog


    "Gabe the Cupid dog is hands down both the funniest and most endearing romantic comedy I have ever seen. The film both brought me to tears both from laughter and from genuine emotional connection. If I can find one thing to complain about this movie, it would be fairly weak performances by the child actors as well as some strange music editing. Other than those minor flaws, Gabe the Cupid Dog is a must watch for any fan of romantic…

  • Rise of the Guardians

    Rise of the Guardians


    “If there’s one word that can describe Rise of the Guardians, it’s epic. Rise of the Guardians is easily the most epic Christmas/Easter/Tooth under your pillow/falling asleep and waking up with crust in your eyes movie I’ve ever see. All your favorite holiday heroes are here and reimagined. You got Santa, with a thick Russian accent. The Easter Bunny is ready to fight. The Tooth Fairy has an army of smaller Tooth Fairies. Last but not least you got the…

  • Rock Dog

    Rock Dog


    At first glance, Rock Dog may seem like some run of the mill cash grab. This Chinese animated film's budget of $60-million clearly went to the US localization voice cast, rather than the animation. If you can get past the underwhelming animation, you have a surprisingly fun movie filled with memorable and likable characters, genuinely funny visual humor, and a world clearly built on the backbone of lore. While the story can be a touch predictable, the positives far outweigh…