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  • The Double Life of Véronique
  • Love Streams
  • Pasolini
  • Rio Bravo

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  • The Nice Guys


  • Working Girls


  • Maverick


  • Eyes of the Spider


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  • The Boss

    The Boss


    Di Leo is a ferocious filmmaker. A satirist and a political commentator and reactionary who voices his opinions through shoot-outs, squibs, funky music and bad acting. A lot of what makes The Boss stand out is his palpable disgust with the world he's so busy depicting. Not one soul worthy of redemption. Everybody's a mean son of a bitch. Di Leo holds up a mirror to his audience and says, Does this turn you on, you sick fuck?   
    It's all about blood and sex.

  • A Most Wanted Man

    A Most Wanted Man


    One of the most pessimistic movies ever made, where people are seen as nothing. Less than nothing. Just leverage. Pieces to be moved around. There's a scene in a conference room where Hoffman's character is asked what the overall objective of his mission is. When he replies, To make the world safer, not only is he laughed at but he doesn't quite believe it himself. He chuckles, shaking his head, as if to say, Yeah, I know.

    When even the…

Popular reviews

  • The Irishman

    The Irishman


    I used to fear my grandfather.

    He would sit in an armchair, staring with this blank expression on his face at the TV. He would watch anything. He didn't care. I once saw him glaring at a diaper commercial.
    Anyway, everybody talked really well about my grandpa. He was respected. People said he was an intellectual, a calculated man with lots of education and experience behind his belt. Yet somehow I could not get close to him. He would be…

  • Tigertail



    take The Farewell, put it in a dryer, and you get Tigertail.