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This review may contain spoilers.

more enjoyable than i expected, mainly because i mistakenly thought it was gonna be a standard "average middle-aged white man can't take it anymore" film a la 'falling down.' as it is, with odenkirk playing a former alphabet agency "auditor" - i.e., the last guy you want to show up at your door - who is trying to enjoy his simple retirement when a series of events force him back into the game, it's more akin to john wick, so yay! (honestly not sure if this is a spoiler so i labeled it as such just in case)

don't get me wrong: in many ways it's still the cinematic equivalent of viagra for the aforementioned middle-aged white dudes, but it's well done, odenkirk is great (hopefully we're past the point of 'hey this comedy guy can actually act' with him), christopher lloyd is a blast, rza is fun in a smaller role, and there's a cameo from the always-welcome michael ironside. add it all up and you've got a totally solid 90 minutes of action and a set up for a sequel that i am totally here for

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