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  • Moonstruck
  • The Last Seduction
  • Streets of Fire
  • Married to the Mob

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  • Elemental

  • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

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  • Nope



    Yeah... this one still rocks :) Grateful for the opportunity to get to watch it in 70 mm at the Academy Museum theater, a beautiful theater that I wish would sell popcorn and soda. Honestly, this was a top 5 theatrical experience for me but I will reiterate in case anyone from the Academy Museum is reading - sell hot dogs and I will never go anywhere else.

  • Elemental


    Between SOUL, TURNING RED, LUCA, and ELEMENTAL it is MY opinion that Pixar is on a great run right now so the decision from the upper brass to find ways to sabotage each of them is beyond me.

    As a first gen-er, yeah... I liked this one!

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  • Skinamarink


    Midway through the guy in front of us took a photo of a static shot of a grainy hallway and sent it to his friend with the text, “this is the whole movie.”

  • Babylon



    I am very much pro-Babylon, pro-spending millions of studio dollars on big original swings, pro-whatever it was that Toey Maguire was doing, pro-Margot Robbie’s New Jersey accent, just very much all around pro-living in a world where this movie gets greenlit. What a good time at the movies :)

    Side Note: There’s a short scene at a high brow party where Manny lies and tells a white, power player that he’s Spaniard (not Mexican) that really sealed it for me. The white-washing we sometimes put ourselves through on both a conscious and subconscious level for approval while losing identity along the way is really something.