Paul ★★★

Sometimes I wonder if there are only a select few directors that can get the very best out of the actors they work with. Edgar Wright, for example, always manages to get the best out of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, with his distinctively fast paced directorial style and snappy editing alongside his close working relationship with the pair almost always leading to comedy gold. Pegg in particular struggles without Wright; Run Fatboy Run isn’t exactly Fun Fatboy Fun without Wright and in Paul, director Greg Mottola also struggles to get the best out of the pair. 

Seth Rogen is usually a pretty dependable comic actor, and he’s dependable here too, with most of the laughs coming from his little pickled onion space invader alien type creature and Kirsten Wiigs born again atheist, but I found myself surprised by how little I laughed at this. It’s the kind of film that I’ll only remember watching because of how well known it is, but Paul definitely lacks the wit of some of Pegg’s and Frosts earlier work. 

Not the best, but not the worst either.