From Dusk Till Dawn

From Dusk Till Dawn ★★★★

This is one of my favourite movies from growing up. One day I faked sick (or maybe I really was) and in an empty house I managed to squeeze three showings of this into one day on the big family television.
One reason I like this a lot better than the ostensibly similar Grindhouse or awful Machete movies is that it’s not just A-Listers slumming it in a crappy movie. These are real, well drawn Tarantino characters (actually Seth and Ritchie could be seen as Vincent and Vic Vega in a sense, if they appeared in the same movie), especially Harvey Keitel’s Jacob, that after one hour in Tarantino world end up in Robert Rodriguez’s hyper Desperado-meets-Evil Dead world.
I love the thing all the way through, especially how that first hour is like a Tarantino movie - no score - then Graeme Revell’s score suddenly shows up, wonderfully. How what seem like character traits become major plot traits later on.

Just a bag of fun.