Bros ★★

“Progressive” in the sense that it follows the trend of (heterosexual) romantic comedies having a truly awful person as the main character who inexplicably is surrounded by adoring friends and who the film seems hesitant to challenge. Now one for the gays. 

I’m just tired of modern “romantic” “comedies”. I’ll give Bros credit for nodding towards the comedic part but too much of the humour here is visible as humour because a character Shouts Very Loudly or returns to the joke for effect, and even the good jokes (Yentl) are coming from such a defensive perspective it becomes a bit tiring. On the romantic side, I’m not sure I’m convinced of the sincerity of love on either side and I read an Arthur/Eames fanfic that essentially is Aaron’s arc, but more nuanced so 🫠🙆🏾‍♂️ (Seriously, fanfiction is churning some of the best queer romances and that’s just how it is.)

The majority older women in the audience around me was enthusiastically cheering through though. So, at least some folks are getting their worth out of it. Although by the third sequence explaining gay culture for an ambient audience I kept wondering - who is this for anyways?

Not for me.

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