The Northman

The Northman ★★★★★

Mel Gibson and Kenneth Branagh could never.

Certainly the most badass Hamlet movie we've ever gotten, but without missing any of Robert Eggers' trademark arthousey attention to detail.

It's everything you want it to be and more, with some of the best-directed action I've seen in quite a while. My jaw was on the floor for several setpieces, but especially that first village raid. It's visually stunning as well and incredibly impressive on a technical level. Nobody does it quite like Eggers.

It was just an absolute delight seeing him get to make a masterpiece with a huge budget for the first (and let's be honest, probably the last) time.

Also I hate to bring back the awful Twitter discourse from earlier, but this movie really does make the whole "Eggers wants to retvrn" thing seen even more incredibly stupid than it already was. That's literally no other director makes old white people times seem as miserable as Robert Eggers. Like last year's The Green Knight, this is a film about a culture that is just so far removed from ours in the way that life is thought about, and as fascinating and badass as it can be to watch, that culture is unequivocally fucking atrocious to live through.

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