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This review may contain spoilers.

This was a very complicated movie to think of and I was conflicted whether I was liking this or not.

I needed to process this movie for a second because it was a very complex film. And, after thoughtful thinking, I got to a perspective that I'm pretty proud of. In some way, I thought about the contrary to shame and I related it to the idea of pleasure, which as you can see it is very present in the film.

(This is a very vague interpretation sorry about that).
Brandon, in some way, has a need and a longing over pleasure and purpose. He wants to be happy and not alone but his character itself is unable to create such emotions. He is always in a constant look over finding some meaning and happiness in his life and it ends up tormenting him, and his emotions break down to the point of despair and madness. There is evidence of this type of attitude towards his sister and in the way he has sex. It is very evident that he is suffering and trying to find something. But, unlike the people he is surrounded with, he lives in constant shame of himself. The shame of not being able to aspire, or to be able to be someone valuable in this messy world. But it goes to the point that his own shame ends up affecting him and the people surrounding him, like in the case of Sissy. For her, she is the contrary of what he is. She has no shame, lives happily, and tries to be the person she wants to be (given her background, and her longing for being a better person). But, what I understood from the ending, is that even the shame of Brandon ended up affecting her to the endpoint of the film where she ended up hurting herself because she is dependent on the emotions of Brandon.

I appreciate the recommendation, even though it was hard for me to get into the film because at first glance it was boring. But somehow those last 40 minutes were enlightening and resonated with me. And a moment of clarity came down to me. And, in the end, the whole movie gave some meaning and purpose, which I ended up liking.

In technical aspects, the cinematography is gorgeous and very pale, and in some way, it is very intentional as it adds some dark and depressing tones, mostly to relate to this idea of shame presented in the film. And holy fuck, Michael Fassbender's performance was amazing.

Thanks again, this was good.

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