Black Panthers

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-This film gave Black Panthers a voice without being shut down or judged. This is a film where we are supposed to listen and hear them, understand what they’re saying. It’s important not to silence their voices. 

-So incredibly relevant to what’s happening today with all the protests. It made me think about how not much has changed from then to now. It’s sad. It’s sad how Black people have been treated like garbage in the land of the so-called “free”. 

-Agnes Varda is so great. What she does with this film is beautiful, powerful, and one of a kind. Interviewing all kinds of different personalities, listening to their voices. I love it, there’s nothing more important than this. Really think about it, we need something like this now. 

-I’m definitely happy I saw this short film. It’s short but says so much. It isn’t just a couple of interviews. It is interviews with the unheard who need to be listened and understood. Also, the images shown throughout this film are incredibly moving. A lot of great shots in this.

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