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Dear letterboxd filmmakers (filmmakers in general)

Recently me and a couple buddies have made a production and distribution company called
“Piercing productions”

We want to help amateur filmmakers like us get into festivals,get the films made they desire, gain support, build growth surrounding their films and mainly take that next step into their filmmaking.

We invite every filmmaker LB user if they have any projects or films they would love a chance to get into festivals with, we can submit and support you with that. We aren’t specific on genre or type however we are looking for a certain quality to cater to festivals etc, so not every film will qualify.

We did this because we feel for filmmakers there really isn’t any companies helping them to make that next step or help them grow.

We’ve acquired some excellent LB films and would love the chance to help you and your film gain the exposure you desire.

We are just a startup so there isn’t any pay regarding the production on your film. However we can process your films into paid festivals with paid submissions within reason.

If you would like to speak to us regarding submitting your films or is acquiring them or anything regarding this idea, please email

Or speak to me on Facebook via messenger.

Please like us on Facebook:

And follow us on Instagram for updates :

Our website:

Andre de Nervaux

Piercing productions


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