Andrew Chesney

Andrew Chesney


A small town boy who trod the path less travelled.

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  • Blindfire



    This is a highly charged and very political movie that gave me very little resolution to the current excessive police force issues.

    It was almost as if this one officers apology and admission of wrongdoing was enough for them to move on. Where was finger pointing to the systemic issues that make this situation not just a reality, but a highly likely outcome in todays society.

    I want to see more films tackle this issue, but falling short of the wider picture means the story falls flat.

  • Supernova



    Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci perfectly dominate this love story.

    This movie intersperses regular long term relationship issues with a debilitating mental illness and leaves us wondering exactly who is right to be selfish when it comes to a decision that I'm guessing none of us want to have to make...

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