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  • Starstruck
  • The Sum of Us
  • Girl Asleep
  • Strictly Ballroom

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  • Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid


  • Bad Girls Go to Hell


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  • Carnival of Souls

    Carnival of Souls


    Honestly one of the most relatable depictions of mental illness I've seen in a movie. There's so much in here that really expresses how I experience depression and anxiety.

    The sense of detachment, then those bursts where you just don't want to, can't, be alone. (When she goes to that diner with her neighbour). How you are followed by fear (here taking the form of the undead man). Those periods where you feel you're not part of the world and/or…

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  • My Bloody Valentine

    My Bloody Valentine


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Another one I'm surprised I never watched back in the day, but perhaps I was put off by how bad DeVour was that I vowed never to watch another movie just because I fancy Jensen Ackles. Who knows?

    At any rate, this was pretty damn enjoyable. I liked that it wasn't a straight up remake but uses the events of the first film as a prologue and then picks up from there in kind of sequel territory.

    The reveal was…

  • Chicken Run

    Chicken Run


    I’m so surprised this has such a low overall rating on here. (I mean, I guess it’s not that low, but I was still surprised.) 

    Does no one love joy? It’s The Great Escape with chickens. What’s not to love?*

    *this is rhetorical, I don’t actually care why other people don’t like this

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  • Love Songs

    Love Songs


    "Love me less, but love me a long time."

  • Foxfire



    It's always refreshing to see more realistic depictions of friendship between girls in movies. And the best scenes in this film were of the girls just having fun and hanging out, like when they were dancing together or singing loudly on a joyride. Any film where girls band together to protect each other will always make me happy. Quite touching.