Blonde ★★½

I don't know how to engage with this morally/ethically or whatever. I think the backlash is kind of overblown- I don't think it's some super mysoginistic exploitation film posing as feminism, and it's definitely not porn (real, living people said this??). I do think it's sketchy for sure, just unsure how to parse it right now.

All of that has next to nothing to do with my rating though, it's low because this all felt pretty hollow to me. It doesn't feel like it said much despite all of Domink's provocation, but it certainly feels like that's the goal of the movie so I'm left not feeling a lot. It is shot and put together very well, no question there. I was bothered by there being no discernible reason or method behind the changes in color or aspect ratio, no matter how pretty it may look it still feels like a Noah Hawley-esque empty skill showcase. All in all, as per usual the super controversial movie of the moment feels kind of banal. I do wish I at least liked it though, I had faith as a new Andrew Dominik fan.

At least everyone agrees that Ana de Armas is excellent, she's never a disappointment

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