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  • Prisoners



    I still really like this. I don't think it's outright a procedural, but it does pull from them and I love a good one when it's actually done well. It's fittingly dark, and it keeps up its pace and atmosphere pretty well for most of the runtime. Denis' direction and the overall look is nice, especially given the very limited color palette, but it's not a knockout or anything. Jackman and Gyllenhaal are both terrific, probably at least Jackman's best.…

  • Alien: Covenant

    Alien: Covenant


    The back and forth in my head between this or Prometheus being better is crazy. Both are fairly lackluster, and they share some of the same weaknesses, but at the center of them both is potential mostly unrealized.

    Fassbender is great, anything involving him eclipses everything else easily. I didn't care about the crew at all, which is obviously very bad. They're also all surprisingly stupid, to a level higher than the norm in movies like this. Maybe worst of…

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  • The Babysitter: Killer Queen

    The Babysitter: Killer Queen

    In no particular order, here are the things this movie did a disservice to:
    Samara Weaving
    The first Babysitter movie I saw 2 hours ago
    Dead Kennedys
    Hocus Pocus by Focus
    Baby Driver
    Any media that references movies

    You like Terminator?

  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things


    This had 5 star potential, I was in love with the first half. The suspense, the discomfort, the mood, the dialogue, I was unbelievably hooked. Then it's like the movie tripped walking down a hill and just started tumbling faster and faster. The mood started to break, the fascinating became the nonsensical, the pretention reared its head, and then poof: nothing. It totally and completely lost me. I can't overstate my disappointment. At least the filmmaking itself was good I guess.

    Jessie Buckley is astounding though, please put her in more movies