Pride & Prejudice

Pride & Prejudice ★★★★

lessons I learned from Jane Austen:
1. don't play in the rain, it'll make you sick
2. be an independent woman
3. do not fall for men-
4. UNLESS they're shy awkward rich and have an ugly haircut (e.g. mr. darcy, edward ferrars, george knightley)
5. the hot ones are always the bastard ones. but they're hot so...
that's it friends, hope these points make sense.

alright, I can't say that this is the best pride and prejudice adaptation because I have not seen the others (yes I haven't seen daddy colin's version of mr. darcy in the bbc mini-series this is embarrassing) and have not read the book (bc I'm lazy). still, this is a tremendous film, beautiful frames, lovely scores, VERY ANGSTY, the hand flex!! AND KEIRA KNIGHTLEY.

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