Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★½

2019: Ranked (so far). 

The game is afoot, ey Watson?

Funny, funny, and funny. I did not expect it to be this funny! Rian Johnson's latest (and best work) is a nostalgic and much-needed throwback to the good old whodunnit murder mystery movies. Glazed with fantastic, humorous performances from everyone, especially Daniel Craig (bonus points on his accent and delivery) and Toni Collette, you can't NOT have a good time watching it all the way through. There is almost no room for improvement in this genre, yet Rian somehow manages to add an original touch. The brilliant writing and screenplay were the backbone of this film. Not that other aspects sucked, not at all. But it does feel a bit clichéd at times, unfortunately. Loved the character introductions. I loved the entire first act. However, the reveal was not as satisfying as I'd imagined. Also, some characters shined brightly over others. Nonetheless, this was a great watch and I highly recommend it. Did I mention it being funny? Excited to watch Daniel Craig and Ana de Armas in the upcoming Bond movie. Fantastic chemistry. 4 more months to go!

P.S. Anyone notice that the big knife circle takes the shape of a doughnut?

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