M3GAN ★★★★★

M3GAN was right. they just hate to see a young girlboss winning. she's literally my new bestie (real)

i loved this film soooo much! i'm absolutely obsessed with it!!! it was so campy and sooo fun. i can't believe there's lots of people that thought it was just laughable and cheesy, clearly they've never seen 80s campy/comedy-horror films before. if you're expecting this to be a really scary or even a gory film, then i hate it to break it to you, but it's a bit far from that (it can be for some people though, depending on what scares you). there's so much to unpack, it's about the impact that AI could have toward us and especially children, but it also explores that those who are mean/rude/etc need to learn a lesson– obviously violence is never the answer, but you get it. m3gan is not inherently evil, she just wants to protect her beloved friend. it's her purpose. so those that stand in her way might not survive... just remember to be kind, treat things, people, and others as caringly as possible! and, just try not to build anything okay?? it might not work out as it as supposed to xx

p.s.: i don't know which doll fucked james wan up as a child but i'd like to personally thank them because now we have all these amazing dolls !!!!!!

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